Janice Reich


Janice’s journey into art began late in life, but with a BAM! In 2002, in San Francisco, Californa she encountered her first gourd, a Mayan drum. It was love at first sight....and sound. After seeing a number of other musical instruments and art objects made from gourds her interest grew in this odd, dried plant. Each gourd shape gives her inspiration for a unique design - with many surprises along the way. The type of decorations that she uses to embellish her gourds are as diverse as the traditions and the cultures from which she draws her inspiration. To achieve a look or style she likes, she continues to add new techniques.

Janice is proud to offer an unique art form  from such a natural medium. She works out of her studio in Mancos, Colorado, right across from the majesty of Mesa Verde National Park.

Studio by Appointment • Commissions Joyously Accepted

Spirit Shadow Studios

Reichline@aol.com • 209.404.4694


Artwork can be seen at:

Artisans of Mancos, Mancos, CO


505.327.7221 • twosheetsinthewnd@hotmail.com

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Fine Art Gourds